Dates: Monday, Tuesday

   8 & 9 October 2024

Time: 12noon to 5.00pm

Rangatahi Zone is an initiative by the Tuurama Trust to add some fun, healing, inspiration, and creativity to our community.


Our goals are simple: 

1.   Uplift our Rangatahi

2.   Provide fun activities that give our Rangatahi a chance to have a number of different experiences and connections

3.   Show Rangatahi ways of looking after their emotions through Rongoa, Mahi Toi, and many other forms of expression

This event will be held over a three-day period in the next school holidays, similar to Invercargill’s famous ILT KidZone. Held over a number of venues in Bluff with aunties/uncles leading free activities and Nannies having cuppas ready to listen, this event is all about making whānau connections and offering supportive advice between big doses of Nanny loving cuddles.  Open to all Southlander's aged 10 - 18 years old.

This year we require all Ranagtahi to register for bus ticket. These are one way tickets, make sure you book both ways and the correct day you require.