The following zones have be generously sponsored locally, for more detail check out our map below, all activities within walking distance close to Te Rau Aroha Marae, Bradshaw street, Bluff.


Marakai Mahi, Native Seedling Clay Bombs, Koauau Making, Possum Trap Making

Smash It Room, Axe-throwing, Speed bating, Dig This Heavy Machinery, Ultimate Archery, Pickle Ball, Tapu Ae, Ki-o-Rahi, 3x3 Basketball, Heavy Work Truck Rides, Bucket Truck High Lifts 

Traditional Dress Photo Shoots, Jewelry Making, Zintangle Painting, Kohatu Painting, Glitter Glass Painting, Chill Out Mindfulness Zone 

Music, DJ Mixing, Song Writing, Tutu Dismantle Electronics & Polythene rolling, Electronics Making, Gaming, Coding, Atea VR

Carving, Poi Making, Taiaha, Weaving, Rongoa in the bush tours 

Affirmation Readings, Mirimiri, Romiromi, Sound Healing through korero 

Nails Stations, Eye Lash or Tutorial, Makeup Tutorial, Barber, Career Korero, Body & Skin Care Product Making 

BBQ Station, Salad & Sandwich/Bun Station, Pizza Station, Chips & Wonton, Corn Station, Fried Bread, Cake Decorating Station, Waffle Station, Smoothie Station